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City by the Numbers

City by the Numbers

Numbers are for Fiscal Year 2012-2013

Here are some key numbers from the City of Santa Fe. These provide a glimpse of the many diverse services the city provides. Note: many of the numbers are approximations.

City of Santa Fe at a Glance

1,581 Employees down 10.5% from 2007-08


Budget and Finance

$282,591,663 Total budget expenditures

$72,721,134 General fund budget

Business Licenses:

5,196 Business licenses issued in 2013


4,000 Vehicle/equipment repairs

1,200 Vehicles/equipment operated and maintained

7 Mechanics and 2 service workers = a ratio of 168 vehicles to 1 worker

250 Repair orders a month


City Clerk

525 Public Meetings and Agendas for 59 Committees

500 Public Meeting Minutes Recorded

541 Special Dispenser Permits

36 Liquor Licenses (New)

217 Liquor Licenses (Annual Renewal)

1,118 Contracts Recorded


Community Services


1255 Children in Summer Reading Program

15,340 Children in year round programs

774,994 Visitors to the libraries

758,856 Books/CDs and DVDs were checked out

6% Increase in circulation of children’s materials

21% Increase in public programs

131,368 People used internet/computers

3,462 Community meetings and programs

65 Volunteers gave 4,350 hours to work on library projects

208 Volunteers gave 8,727 hours to Friends of the Library

Senior Services:

12,783 Members enrolled

8,810 Hours of homemaker services

9,237 Hours of respite (Alzheimer’s relief) provided to 64 individuals

170 Families received family caregiver support

66,817 Meals served at senior centers

141,242 Meals delivered through Meals on Wheels

42,054 Rides provided

Senior Services Continued:

30,224 Hours of volunteer service provided by foster grandparents 

30,162 Hours of senior companion volunteers

135,109 Hours of 527 retired senior volunteers

28,370 Sessions of recreation and fitness at senior centers

Youth Programs:

150 Youth in 2012-13 After School Program

15 School pick-ups for After School Program

800 Youth in Summer Youth Program

103 Teens, students and teachers hired for the Summer Youth Program


Convention and Visitors’ Bureau (CVB)

220 Confirmed bookings at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center (SFCCC)

50,000 Convention attendees generated more than 37,000 room nights in local hotels

70% of SFCCC business booked was new business

29,553 Walk-in visitors to the SFCCC Visitors’ Center

$3,493,015 Estimated value of earned media



Fire Prevention Section:

3,000-4,000 Students taught in assemblies

164 Presentations in schools, libraries and museums

294 Events staffed

20 Car seat clinics


321 – Fire

39 Dealerships

424 Short-term rentals

34 Schools

9 Fireworks vendors

7 Chile roasters

Operations Division:

14,052 Total calls:

10,667 –Emergency Medical Service

1928 Certificates of Occupancy

3,064 – Other (Hazmat, public assists, weather related, etc.)

7 minutes average response time (include call handling time at dispatch)

34 to 45 Daily emergency response staff

6-7 Ambulances, 5 engines, 2 command vehicles, 1 ARFF (aircraft rescue and firefighting vehicle), and 1 heavy rescue vehicle included in daily emergency response vehicles

Wildland Section:

7 Community wildfire meetings

275 Homeowner wildfire hazard assessments

9 Wildfire hazard agreements (total of 39 acres)

9 Interstate fire assignments

2 Prescribed burn fire assignments

17 Acres thinned in the WUI


Housing and Community Development

Affordable Housing:

57 Households assisted with down payments

$18,000 Average down payment assistance amount

1,300 Rents paid through rental assistance

358 Households received public services

Economic Development:

$333,000 Business development funding

$236,000 Workforce development funding

78 Businesses assisted by Business Ombudsman (54 start-up)

$160,000 Leveraged by MIX Santa Fe

2,475 Attendees at MIX Santa Fe networking events

Long Range Planning:

13,000 Residents and 4,000 acres added to the city through annexation

$13 Million collected in impact fees over ten years

Metropolitan Planning Organization:

Federal and state funds allocated through FY 2015.

$21 Million for highway and safety projects

$4.6 Million for transit programs, facilities, and bus replacement

$1.4 Million for pedestrian and bicycle facilities.


Human Resources

Benefits Participation:

1,245 Employees

2,070 Family Members

3,315 Total Benefits Participation

Employee Recruitment:

272 Recruitment announcements

6,807 Applicants

341 Hires

Number of City Employees (current):

1,402 Full time

89 Part time

9 Seasonal

10 Elected officials

Wellness Program:

925 Participants


Land Use

1,257 Certificates of Occupancy issued

14,385 Inspections; 58 inspections per business day

4,432 Building permits, up 18% from previous year, the highest level since 2006-07

Large-scale building permits at 84% of biggest year ever 2005-06



42 Ordinances adopted

97 Resolutions adopted

727 Public records requests in 2012

536 seized vehicles through DWI forfeiture program


Municipal Court

(Statistical information is from October of 2012 – October of 2013)

Cases filed:

10,520 Traffic

298 DWI

415 Shoplifting

1,168 Petty misdemeanors

209 Revoked licenses

192 Animal control

22 Code enforcement

12,698 total cases filed



Amounts of narcotics taken off the streets: Drug Recoveries/Arrests (Totals are from January- September of 2013)

116.1 Grams of cocaine

84.6 Grams of crack cocaine

458.1 Grams of heroin

105,529.5 Grams of marijuana

275.2 Grams of meth

106 Prescription pills

233 Cases

42 Arrests

5 Major drug trafficking organizations dismantled

Community Relations:

32 Neighborhood watch meetings (82 hours)

98 Youth events (282 hours)

38 Community events (230 hours)

253 Neighborhood watch participants


10 Checkpoints

19 Arrests from the checkpoints

411 Total arrests

More than 150 vehicles seized

Gun Safety:

200 Gun locks handed out

650 Guns taken through gun buy back

Most Wanted/Offender of the Week:

27 Individuals featured, 19 arrested

Property Crime (Burglaries): (Statistical information is from October of 2012 – October of 2013)

20% Projected decrease since 2010

18% Increase in burglary arrests in Sept 2013 compared to previous year

30 Online Coplogic reports filed since September 2012


8 Laterals hired

11 Cadets hred


161 Officers trained (basic, advanced and in-service)

6,017 Hours of in-service/basic training

2,639 Hours of advanced training


Public Utilities

Environmental Services (formerly Solid Waste):

51 Trash trucks

5 Run on clean, green Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

8 More CNG trucks are on order

By the end of FY 13/14 the fleet will be running 25% CNG

25,313 Residential accounts, including 437 special needs accounts

2,366 Commercial accounts

Annexation will add 4, 000 residential and 211 commercial accounts

57,674 Tons of solid waste collected

5,372 Tons of recycling diverted from landfill

59 Medians adopted through Keep Santa Fe Beautiful

5,840 Volunteer hours recorded by Keep Santa Fe Beautiful

Planned Projects:

600 kW PV system at the Genoveva Chavez Community Center

1,500 kW PV system at Buckman Water Booster Station 2A

94 kW PV system at the Water Division Administration building

Once completed, 24.9% of the city’s electricity will be generated onsite from renewable sources

Renewable Energy:

$1, 341,000 Stimulus funding and PNM rebates since October 2010 resulting in a 7% decrease in energy used in city buildings

5.4 Million kWhs generated from renewable energy in 2012 – total of 14.4% of the city’s electric use

2,500 kW of photovoltaic systems located at 5 city facilities

100 kW hydroelectric facility near Water Museum on Upper Canyon Road


2.19 Billion gallons of wastewater treated

112 Miles of sewer lines cleaned

540 Manholes inspected

2,900 Cubic yards of compost sold

16.3 Million gallons of sludge dewatered


35,000 Water meters

Since 1995, Santa Fe’s population has increased 13%, while the city’s overall water use dropped 23%. (12,000 new residents, water use went from 12,700 to 9,800 acre feet per year.)

In 2013:

$123,000 In Water conservation rebates issued

1,733,133 Gallons saved through rebate programs

106 Gallons per capita per day (Albuquerque uses 149 - gallons per capita per day and Las Vegas, NV uses 219

231 Kids submitted posters to the Water Conservation Poster Contest

2,813,068,800 Gallons billed


Public Works

Facilities Division:

62 Buildings maintained with a total of 504,203 square feet.

20 Custodians

10 Facilities Maintenance Workers


68 Parks maintained

1,078.99 Parks acreage

157.53 Acres of irrigated turf

170 Miles of trails maintained

20 Major special events

20 Athletic leagues hosted

8 Schools hosted

Municipal Recreation Complex:

44.5 Acres irrigated turf

7 Athletic leagues hosted

7 Schools hosted

12 Tournaments/special events hosted


178, 324 members (Genoveva Chavez Community Center, Fort Marcy, Salvador Perez and Bicentennial Pool)

271,535 drop-ins

16 Schools & 500 kids in annual elementary school swim meet

250 Participated in Bike to Work Week event at the Railyard

330 Participated in Run for Fun event

125 Pets participated in Doggie Dip event

232 Adults and 113 kids participated in Santa Fe Triathlon

Fort Marcy:

30-35 Participants per week in Aqua Zumba

3 Youths camps (Volleyball, Fitness, Sports)

Genoveva Chavez Center (GCCC):

190 Kids in Pee Wee Basketball League

330 Kids in Junior Volleyball League

330 Kids in Summer Youth Basketball Leagues

120 Kids in Winter Youth Basketball Leagues Winter

810 Kids in Summer Youth Camp

300 Kids in Summer Youth Sports Camp

120 Kids in Summer Golf and Tennis Programs

1,156 Kids in after school youth program

530 Kids in Youth swim lessons

300 Kids in Skate lessons

500 Kids in Youth skating

34 Fitness classes per week

Roadways and Trails:

$550K (2008 Parks Bond) - La Tierra Trails

$250K (2008 Parks Bond) - Acequia Trail

$2.2M (2008 Parks Bond) Santa Fe River River Park – El Parque del Rio

$11M (Federal & State Transportation Funds) Cerrillos Road Reconstruction Phase IIC

$480K (CIP Bond, ¼% Joint City-County GRT & City Impact Fees) Airport Road Median Improvements

$650K (CIP Bond & State MAP Funds) Defouri & Guadalupe St. Bridge Improvements

$360K (City Impact Fees) Camino de las Crucitas Bicycle & Pedestrian Improvements Project

$600K (Federal Safe Routes to School Funds; CIP Bond) Safe Routes to School Project

$6M in City wide trail projects - 2012 GO Bond

Streets and Drainage:

755 Lane miles of roadway maintained

41 Mile of unpaved roadways maintained

1,100 City streets maintained

2,200 Storm drain inlets maintained

10 Major arroyos maintained

850 Street cut permits   

2,500 Cubic yards per year of salt/cinders used        

4,000 Tons of sweeper waste


700 Lane miles of pavement markings maintenance

114 Traffic signals operated and maintained

90 Warning beacon, school flashers and radar speed signs operated and maintained

300 Bicycle sharrows (marking designating bike lanes) put in during summer of 2012

20 Sharrows put in during summer of 2013

115 LED Street Lights (by the end of 2013)

9,000 Street signs maintained



$2.3 Million received in federal grants

$100,000 Received in state grants

69,299 Total operations


1,656 Parking Permits Issued/Managed

3 Multi-Level Garages

5 Parking Lots

1,863 Total Parking Spaces (Includes 54 ADA Parking Spaces)

256,474 Garage/Lot Customers

1,277 Single Space Parking Meters

311 Multi Space Parking Meters

900 Miles walked

49 Tons of coin collected

30,249 Citations issued

696,176 square feet cleaned and maintained

Santa Fe Pick Up:

300 Days of service

45,000 Miles traveled (3 shuttles-2 vans)

108,000 Passengers

Transit (Bus System):

1,034,337 Passenger trips

75,854 Total hours in revenue service

881,757 Total miles in revenue service



Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce